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04 February 2006 @ 06:51 pm
As my grandmother would say, 'I am so angry I could just spit'.

I really really really dislike my brother. Him, my mom, and I went out for dinner tonight. He put on his music which he KNOWS I hate on the way there. I stayed quiet about it. of course. He spent the entire dinner talking about two things... about how "black people and natives suck", and how much fun he has getting drunk and being rowdy all the time, including talking his coworker into going to work drunk.
I am polar-opposite. I have respect for people of all races, and enjoy being sober and quiet. I don't think it's fun to get kicked out of restaurants. I don't think it's fun to be yelling and making racist jokes. I think it's TERRIBLE.
On top of that, he's all like, "I hate people telling me what to do." If he didn't do so many utterly stupid things, nobody would have to tell him what to do. I'm sorry, don't stab your finger against the dog's sore muscle. Don't make racist comments around me. Don't swear around me. Don't drop our dogs from waist height. Don't put down my friends. Don't scream every time you enter the house, or even the room (I know you just do it for attention). Don't slam every door you can get your hands on. Don't kick the dogs. Don't grab the dog's face and cause him pain. See, I thought this was common sense. These are called social norms. Rules by which society expects it's members to follow. Apparently nobody gave him the memo that getting drunk all the time is bad for you liver, making racist jokes is totally inappropriate and is great for making people hate you, and abusing animals is NOT okay. I wish he'd just move out already. God.
I almost never swear. I only swear when I'm extremely p'ed off. So here it is.
F*CK YOU, you retard! GO TO HELL. (We all know you're headed there anyway.)